Taking your first steps with Fusion Strike

by Sanctuary Gaming

With Fusion Strike being out for two weeks already, we have seen several great decks popping up that utilise cards from the set! If you've been on the fence on playing the game as a collector, or just a newer player looking for a good starting point, here's a short list of more useful Pokémon from the set to begin your very own adventure into the tall grass of the Pokémon TCG!

And what better way to start off the list with Mew, in both it's V and Vmax forms, the poster Pokémon of the set! A fan favourite and a definite cutie, this Pokémon is the champion of the new Fusion Strike theme!

Mew Vmax allows you to play a toolbox style of deck, where you gain a variety of attacks and effects from your [Cross Fusion Strike] attack for 2 energy after building up a variety of Fusion Strike themed Pokémon on your bench! You can also quickly set up a playable board with Mew V's [Energy Mix] or deny your opponent from getting prizes using a [Psychic Leap]!

And how can we talk about the Fusion Strike theme and not mention the beat and soul of the deck, Genesect V? 

For any deck utilising the Fusion Strike theme, having Genesect V on board as your draw engine is a must have as you cycle through your deck to find more Pokémon allies and powerful trainer cards! Of course, Mew Vmax can copy Genesect's [Techno Blast] attack using it's [Cross Fusion Strike] to deal tons of damage too! 

Moving on, we have the OG Pokémon spookster for the set causing disruption and mayhem across the playing field: Gengar!

Dark decks have been around the metagame for awhile now and adding a great option in the current format is Gengar Vmax. Hitting decks that depend on benching multiple GX and V Pokémon, Gengar Vmax helps applies pressure with it's [Fear and Panic] attack as players will need to be wary of filling up their bench too much, and even when they err on the side of caution you can just swallow the competition with a powerful [G Max Swallow Up]! 

However, Gengar isn't the only ghost out there looking to shake things up! Learning a trick of two from Gengar itself, this upcoming Pokémon is bringing a whole new level to poltergeisting. 

Taking control of inanimate objects to prank your opponents, you can seal off any Pokémon tool cards when Chandelure Vmax is your active Pokémon with it's [Cursed Shimmer] ability! Chandelure is also able to punish opponents who depend heavily on trainer cards or are slower to set up in general with it's [Max Poltergeist]! 

If the chilling visage of these ghost type Pokémon are a little too much for you to handle, you could go for a Pokémon who is still cool as ice, but has blood pumping through it's veins (even though it's still cold), and that's our resident spy/sniper Pokémon - it's Leon, Inteleon.   

A classy Pokémon from fin to tail, this suave Pokémon has risen from humble beginnings to the peaks of greatness through some intensive training, self-reflection, and perhaps some shady dealings in it's youth. Being able to snipe damage onto your opponent's benched Pokémon, Inteleon slowly but surely corners it's quarry with both [Aqua Bullet] and [Double Gunner], and takes it's prizes in one fell swoop after careful planning and tracking!   

And when it comes to assassins and spies, we know that the one thing that we shouldn't touch more than anything in the world... is their dog. Speaking of which, here is our next and final pick of the V's in this set, and it is a good boy/girl.

Bolting onto the scene, we have Boltund ready for duty! Setting up with energy generating cards, Boltund Vmax can easily set up some electrifying numbers with it's [Bolt Storm] if it goes unchecked for too long, and Boltund V can also hunt for hurt or retreating enemies with [Electrobullet]! [Max Bolt] is also always a viable option to to show your enemies who is top dog around these parts!

And with that we've come to the end of our picks for V Pokémon to build around in Fusion Strike! We hope that this list helps players get an idea for decks to pick up post Fusion Strike pack opening and we'll elaborate more in the coming weeks on decks builds for the Pokémon here! As always, we hope to see you grinding for the V on the battle field, and till we next see you, we hope everyone has fun battling and collecting!

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