Into the Ɐ...Abyss!

by Sanctuary Gaming

Speeding past the whirling gales and diving deep into the unknown abyss, let's get right into the heart of the matter with the rundown of this set and we hope you aren't afraid to get a little wet!

With Duelist Pack 26: Duelists of the Abyss, what you can expect are cards that make a splash, some in a cutesy playful way, and some... in a gargantuan leviathan kind of way. The set revolves solely around water attribute monsters used mainly by the original man of the sea, Mako Tsunami, leader of the Barians, Ryoga Kamishiro/Nasch, and the Blue Maiden herself, Aoi Zaizen!

If you aren't familiar with these three characters, fret not! They say the fastest way to get to know someone is to duel them or duel like them, and once this pack hits, we're sure you'll be well acquainted with them in no time at all!  

Starting off in series order, we'll take a look at Mako and his [Umi]/Ocean based cards.

Only real duelists dive head first into the deep.

Utilising fearsome creatures of the depths, your opponent will never know what hit them! This theme excels in surprising your opponent with various effects that disrupt their gameplay such as [Mega Fortress Whale]'s effects to allow all water attribute monsters to launch direct attacks or destroy a face up monster during your opponent's battle phase, [Kairyu-Shin - Leviathan]'s effect that restricts players from summoning more than 1 monster unless they are water attributed, or [Physalia]'s effect to negate a spell or trap card once per turn and increase it's Atk/Def, and that's just us dipping our toes into the shallows!

However, in order to get the maximum profit from these sneaky underwater ambushes, you'll need to keep your monsters within the boundaries of the ocean, or rather [Umi] based cards, as you plot your enemies untimely demise at sea. If being all [Sneak 100] isn't your style though, you might like the more... direct approach, panic induced splashing guaranteed.

Danger: Shark attack. Enter water at own risk.

Encircling their prey as they zone in to take a huge bite, we have support for Shark's shark deck with new Barian technology! Edgy is in season, with multiple rows of teeth to back it up, and these predators come in swarms as they surround the battlefield and get ready to call forth the megalodon on their poor victims. Amidst all the chaos, these sharks make use of many rapid summoning effects such as [Abyss Shark]'s and [Crystal Shark]'s effects to special summon themselves onto the field if there are water monsters present on the field in order
to quickly get materials on board to form bigger and badder aquatic bosses onto the field such as with [Chaos XYZ - Naphil Asylum Chaos Knight]'s effect to detach a material from itself to call forth a numbered XYZ monster between numbers "101" to "107"! They don't call it shark infested waters for nothing!

And if you like the idea of strength in numbers, but not just relying on brute forcing your way through all your problems, then there is one more archetype we can explore under the sea...

Beauty in the water, angel on the beach, ocean's daughter, victory's in our reach.

United they stand, these colourful marine princesses are linking the oceans together and bringing forth a new wave of power! Like their other fishy friends, the Marincess archetype specialises in rapid summons to quickly link climb whilst filling up the graveyard with link monsters! Cards like [Marincess Springirl] give the deck more options to extend their combos through additional special summons and potentially milling other Marincesses which can be recovered  back to the field or hand! [Marincess Coral Triangle] provides a great option on your climb to the top of the link ratings by allowing you to search for any Marincess trap card(several of which can be used straight from the hand) and [Marincess Argonaut] paves the path forward towards to your success in this quest by negating a spell/trap threat and allowing you to summon a Marincess card that is equipped to her! It's a full on battle out there in the ocean, and these gals are ready to show those poor unfortunate souls how things are done. 

And with that, we have come to the end of our underwater tour. If you dont have any allies down where it's wetter, you better be sure to keep a close watch at the tides at the beach, for rumor has it that the tides are quickly changing and you wouldn't want to be swept away by those currents! 

A, and of course, do look out for sharks!

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