Dragon Ball Super Card Game Rise of the Unison Warrior 2nd Edition Booster Box
[DBS-B10 ]

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    Tentative Release Date: Released
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    This product is the start of the DBSCG Unison Warrior series arc and introduces a brand new card type in the form of Unison Cards. Alongside changes to the deck building rules, witness the power of these alliances and upgrade your decks and collections with this new type of card!

    This product includes:
    ・ 24 Rise of the Unison Warrior 2nd Edition Booster Packs (12 cards each)
    ・ 1x Box topper SR or SPR card

    There are 164 brand new Unique cards to collect in this booster set!

    Total of 164 Normal + 128 Foil Card Types!

    • 60x Common Types (Normal / Foil Ver.)
    • 38x Uncommon Types (Normal / Foil Ver.)
    • 30x Rare Types (Normal / Foil Ver.)
    • 23x Super Rare Types
    • 10x Special Rare Types
    • 3x Secret Rare Types

    - $100.00

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